Add buy one get one free (BOGO) functionality to your WooCommerce site – for free!

9 January 2023

Whether you're trying to move a particular product faster, attract new consumers or engage with existing ones, a buy one get one free (BOGO) offer is undeniably beneficial. Recent research indicates that they hold more appeal than percentage discounts, with customers perceiving a higher net win. As such, it's a strategy that most ecommerce businesses will – and should – take advantage of at some point. 

There's a bunch of BOGO plugins out there for WooCommerce and WordPress, all with varying price tags. For small businesses, it's not always viable to commit to monthly plugin fees, especially when you may not be consistently using their features. The 'free' options are also plentiful, but to date we've only found free BOGO plugins that have somewhat stifled functionality and require you to fork out a little extra for additional (and sometimes necessary) features. 

So, we've added our own plugin to the mix, and it's COMPLETELY free. No features hidden behind payments and no upsells on offer. We've also opted for no ads; we see enough of them every day, and they make the interface too crowded for our liking. 

With our plugin you can:

  • Add as many offers as you like
  • Use any combination of two products for your offer (e.g. buy X and get Y free)
  • Set redemption limits per transaction
  • Disable offers on the fly to reuse later

But we'll let the plugin speak for itself. You can install Buy One Get One Free for WooCommerce straight from the Wordpress plugin directory.

Once downloaded, you can start adding your offers immediately by accessing the new menu item "Buy One Get One" – no further set up required.

Katy Chan Dyer
Content Writer